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Its 4:15 in the morning. You’re in your secret cave, mentally preparing to conquer the mission of successfully passing the CPA exam. Vigorously reviewing the op order (study material), while simultaneously taking notes. Deciphering the code is essential to the task at hand. Corpus, AMT, boot, NSTCG, LTCL, 1231, 1245 to name a few. Who can you call to guide you through? Yaeger, Yaeger, Phil Yaeger that’s who.


With a mission so vital, every detail must be handled with care. View every topic, as if it’s the key to a mission complete.


Whew, it would be nice to feel this cool. Studying would never be an issue. I would study in a black suit and sunglasses too, maybe even a drink or two (soda of course}. Instead I hide in every possible space to study, reciting formula while washing dishes. Listen to audio tape while driving the kids to and from school. Going over note, flashcard and MCQ while waiting at doctor’s appointment. My dreams have been evade by vision of Ind, Corp and Partnership tax. Sometimes I even watch videos with my 6 years old daughter.  Studying has consumed every ounce of my being. Some days I feel like a walking Wiley book. Have I transformed into a secret agent capable of completing the mission? Only time will tell.


How does studying affect your life?

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