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I'm so frustrated with my studies... to the point I have hit the dreaded "WALL". I need to become motivated again, but it's hard as I'm flying SOLO in this endeavour.  I'm still wrestling with AUD. This thing is UnREAL. Is there's anyone willing to partner with me studying? Besides trading CPA studyies war stories, we can coordinate efforts and motivate each other in this journey. I have CPAEXCEL and 2012 Wiley Book at my disposal. I'm in Miami, FL.

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Comment by Tired Pup on January 25, 2013 at 7:15am

Hey there!

I am also currently spending my days (and sometimes nights too) "worshiping" the AUD exam review material for my upcoming exam. I'd be HAPPY to try to help you out if I can / be your study buddy!

Send me a message, or comment to your original post here, and let me know your stats (as far as what topics you have studied or are having trouble digesting, when your exam is scheduled, etc.) 

Look forward to hearing from you!!

Comment by CPA Exam Club on January 16, 2013 at 11:30pm

Remember, you found CPA Exam Club, so you aren't alone.  Post your questions/concerns over at the AUD Study Hall group and also utilize the STUDY GOAL ROLL CALL group to post y our daily goals.  We're here for ya!!

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