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What are the differences between the 2-Volume Sets and the 4-Volume Sets?

Both the Two-Volume Set and the Four-Volume Sets contain the same valuable test-taking information and practice questions. The difference is only organization. The CPA Exam is a 4-part test. The Two-Volume set gives you comprehensive training for all four sections in two volumes. The Four-Volume Set is broken down so each volume corresponds to a specific section of the CPA Exam. The two volume is broken out so that Volume 1 contains study outlines, guidelines and tips for all four sections of the exam while Volume 2 contains all the practice questions and solutions for all four sections of the exam.

The Two-Volume Set is published annually in May, while the Four-Volume Set is published in November. This ensures Wiley’s position as the market leader in CPA Exam Review Study since at all times of the year; our guides contain the most updated, recent information.

Can I customize my tests?

Yes, you can customize your practice sessions by selecting the Practice Session button on the home screen.  The Configure Practice Session screen allows you to choose criteria, including the number of questions that make up the session, the times you’ve seen specific questions, and the modules to create the session.

What’s the difference between Practice Session, Pop Quiz, and Take a Test?

Practice sessions allow you to customize a study session to meet your study criteria for any session. Selecting the Pup Quiz button allows you to take a short, ten question multiple choice exam. The Take a Test functionality simulates an actual exam.



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