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Write or Right? Writing Skills for the CPA Exam
Get tips and insights on earning a top score on the written communication portion of the BEC section of the CPA Exam.

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If it is a memo...does it still start with....To....From...Date ...Subject....then ....Mr./Ms.....?...will all this carry some points too?

Thanks John....I just gave my exam on Dec 5th...hope I will not need to come back again... didn't have much time to think...just kept going as it came...hope I did enough to get a 75...

John Borodko said:

The written communication is an easy way to fail the exam (especially if you are on the border between passing and failing). You don't need to be a master of the subject matter, but if you can succinctly lay out the requisites and utilize a proper beginning, body, and conclusion, then you should be fine.  Hope this helps, best of luck to you!

Tackle Written Communication:

  1. Stick to standard business format
  2. Avoid bullet points and numbered lists
  3. Remember that you don't have to be right, you just have to be on topic
  4. Your job is to draft a mock response to a client using good grammar and punctuation

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So should you spend more times trying to nail the questions, and not a lot of time worrying? about the written communication, or study for both equally?



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