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Can anyone give tips on how to structure time for the test? how much time to allocate to mcq and how much for wc? / @SB

I had 1 hour for the wc. It was enough / @CW

As per my experience 45 minutes for WC is absolutely enough / @CS

180 clock to start allow 1.5 minutes for each question this means each testlet of 24 questions will take 36 minutes approx, i post my countdown from 180, begin 1; 144 to begin 2, 108 to begin 3, then 72 minutes are left over for writing. if you wind up with an hour that should be ok...because you will probably be best to take one or more breaks to refresh! / @TB

No more than 35 min per section. 1 hour for the WC should be enough. / @GM

Hi Everyone!

If you have notes to share please message me and I'll get them posted at the CPA Exam Notes group for all.

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