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BEC 2011/2012 Notes - UFundMyCollege

From UFundMyCollege:
Hi, I was fortunate enough to pass the BEC section of the CPA exam this last period, and my notes served as a good overall review of the material.  Most of you are probably familiar with the phrase, "Pay It Forward." But for those that aren't, "paying it forward" refers to doing something good for somebody else because something good has been done for you. These notes helped me a ton during my final review, and I hope you find them as useful as I did. Please use these notes for your own benefit, and feelfree to upload notes of your own so that we can continueto help others, as well as ourselves, pass the CPA exam. 


BEC NOTES 2011/2012 (30 pages) - shared by: UFundMyCollege

2012-01-23_163540_2011-2012_BEC_1-5_from_UFundMyCo11ege_-_30 _pages...


THANK YOU for sharing UFundMyCollege!

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Thank you for your notes!! I'm hoping I can gain some insight for the Economics portion.  Really struggling with it!

thank u

Thanks a lot for sharing these with us



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