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Just want to know if FAR helps AUD or not? If so, I plan to take my AUD by the end of Nov, after I take my FAR at the beginning of Oct, THANK you! / @KT

Aud References FAR ... so theres that / @BC

It does help, journal entries get tested in AUD / @DS

Yep! All the above. FAR is definitely helpful for AUD. Understanding how to account for things on the financial statements helps with the transaction cycles. / @DD

I haven't looked at FAR topics in years and I struggled with AUD. Might still be struggling.... depending on next week's results. / @NK

AUD only requires very basic far knowledge. As we have solid accounting background, it is not a big deal to take aud first. / @JX

AUD relates to Accounting and a solid foundation there would enhance your understanding of AUD. / @DS

I would recommend FAR then AUD, you need to understand a lot of FAR in the AUD exam. At least in my exams you did. / @HJ

Hi Everyone!

If you have notes to share please message me and I'll get them posted at the CPA Exam Notes group for all.

Need some serious help, this is my fourth time taking AUD: 60, 67, 69, & 74... I would appreciate any help!

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