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Auditing Clarity Project with Gary Bulmash | Yaeger CPA Review (45:51)

Yaeger CPA Review's Gary Bulmash discusses the Clarity Project. The audiocast is about 45 minutes and Gary will walk you through the changes you can expect in AUD.

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Clarifying the Audit "Clarity Project" featuring Mark Dauberman, CPA (24:45)

Are you looking for details on the Audit "Clarity Project"? Join industry legend and Senior Editor for Roger CPA Review, Mark Dauberman, CPA, for a brief glimpse of the July 2013 CPA Exam changes and how you should best prepare.

2013 Audit Changes! Clarifying the Clarity Project

The CPA Exam is no stranger to
 change. This year, the AUD Exam faces big changes, all of which fall under the initiative titled the Clarity Project. These changes will occur throughout Audit, predominantly with Audit Reports. No need to fret - Roger CPA Review is currently updating the Audit Course to reflect these new clarity standards, so you will be prepared come exam day.

The Clarity Project was created in an effort to make auditing standards more streamlined in their content, and to converge U.S. standard with international standards. Although there are changes to standards and terminology in numerous areas, here’s the scoop on the changes to the audit
  • Unmodified report (old name was unqualified report) for Non-public companies/non-issuers.
  • Report for Public companies (issuers) is similar to old Audit report – (3 paragraphs)
  • Extra paragraphs are now called Emphasis-of-Matter and Other Matter paragraphs (previously called explanatory paragraphs).
  • Each portion of the report will require its own Subheading.
  • Division of Responsibility now called Group
    Financial Statements
  • Qualified opinions now called Modified opinions (Qualified except for, Disclaimer and Adverse).

Changes to the Audit Exam - Kaplan CPA Review (2:49)

Kaplan CPA Review keeps you updated on the latest CPA Exam changes! The AICPA has recently announced changes to the AUD exam. These changes will be implemented in July 1, 2013.

Get Clarity Clear: What you need to know about the Audit "Clarity Project" (49:41)

Have questions about what the new Audit Standards, known as the "Clarity Project," really entails? Don't fret! Roger Philipp, CPA has prepared an informative, 50-minute presentation that details the specifics of the "Clarity Project" in the industry and how it effects the Audit section of the CPA Exam.


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