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Here's the study group space for AUD July/August 2013 window.  Happy Studying!

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I started watching Evidence videos. Hopefully I have to finish these 5 hrs videos + notes taking work be done.

Good Luck. Happy studying to all.

How did that go for you? I'll start watching the videos for Reporting today :)

Happy studying!

CalCPA2013 said:

I started watching Evidence videos. Hopefully I have to finish these 5 hrs videos + notes taking work be done.

Good Luck. Happy studying to all.

I finished watching Evidence and Reporting videos and did 50% Reporting MCQs. Planned to finish the balance MCQs in reporting tomorrow.


Gleim giveaway for 2 AUD review systems, just join the Gleim group before Friday 7/12...good luck!

Hi Yolanda, Hema, Alicia & Lauritta - I am changing the format of the study groups a bit...all discussion will now take place in the discussion forum.  So there isn't any confusion I went ahead and closed down the comments page.  Didn't want you all to lose your discussion so I'm pasting it here.  I'll message you as well so you can pick up where you left off.  Happy Studying!!

Comment by Yolanda Cruz 6 hours ago

That's really all we can do is try our best! I believe this exam is passable. I have several friends who have passed. We just need to stick to it! :)

Comment by Hema Suresh 6 hours ago

Sure Yolanda. Thanks. I will do my best. I realize key words like hard work, determination, focus, concentration, diligence and last but not least perseverance. I need to put all this into practice, just not words. Thanks once again. Happy studying! Hema

Comment by Yolanda Cruz 6 hours ago

I would study for 6-7 weeks total. That has been proven the amount of time you can remember everything. You do I think 4 weeks dedicated studying, 1 week review, and 1-2 weeks MCQs nonstop. The last week should be your practice exam and following up on any weak areas. (in my humble opinion) :)

Comment by Hema Suresh yesterday

Thanks Yolanda. I think you are right. My only fear is what if I don't pass in the exam. You have a great point - getting at least 80-85% in my practice progress tests etc. So, what timeframe do you estimate that I need to sit for my 1st attempt? The online course I believe is 5 or 6 weeks. Do I need 5 or 6 extra weeks to prepare myself, after the online classes are over, to sit with confidence? Any advice is appreciated. Hema

Comment by Yolanda Cruz yesterday
Hema, You should sit for the exam after you done several practice exams (four hours each) including task-based simulations and you scored at least an 80 to 85% on the practice exams. If you fail then you look at your score and where you were strong and where your weak and you make a decision to retake it. I personally continue to practice multiple-choice questions until I receive my score know that I passed. That way if I have to do a retake it will still be fresh in my mind.
Comment by Hema Suresh yesterday

Hi all - I desperately need some good advice on 2 big questions that I have right now. How early should I sit for the exam, if my online classes get over by mid Sep? What should I do if I fail AUD - move on to the next online class or study hard & attempt again, until I pass this exam. Any help/advice is appreciated. I'm overwhelmed and just not able to think clearly/thoroughly. Thanks. Hema

Comment by Hema Suresh yesterday

Thanks Lauritta.

Comment by Alicia Perkins yesterday

Thanks Lauritta. I'll go check them out!

Thanks Hema for responding!


Comment by Lauritta yesterday

Alicia, there are couple videos for the Clarity project and changes. One is on Roger CPA review's website (maybe on youtube as well). He has two videos about changes. Yeager CPA review has an audio about the Clarity project. They are available for public (free). If you are thinking to buy an updated version I would recommend CRAM from Yeager ( I am not familiar with any other CRAM reviews). It is inexpensive. But if you do buy CRAM from Yegaer, you do need to but the Wiley book as well (around $40-$50). Good luck!

 Comment by Hema Suresh yesterday

Hi Alicia - Becker said that there are some changes - not sure what they are as my online classes start only from Aug 12th. Sorry - I'm not of much help to you at this time :(

Comment by Alicia Perkins yesterday

Hi All, I have AUD material from Becker the 2012 edition. I've been studying for about month and my software has expired. I know SAS 122- 125 was added. Can anyone tell me if this new material is affecting all 6 chapters? I do know new material focus on reports. I’m just frustrate with myself and need some advice. Thanks


Comment by Hema Suresh on Saturday

I thought the winners have been selected. Am I not late by a day? Can I still join in Gleim's group for AUD giveaway?

Comment by Hema Suresh on Saturday

Hi all - Need some advice...Using Becker materials - online. AUD classes start by mid Aug and ends around mid Sep. 1. Any suggestion when I can sit for the exam. 2. When should I move on to attend the next section online classes - before/after sitting for AUD exam? Desperately need help in planning. Thanks in advance.

Hi! Manali has joined the group and is looking for some advice.

In the near future I hope to pull together commonly asked questions to help everyone out.

Happy Studying!


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