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Last Minute Crunch Time! and I still have 2 chapters to review. =( Which chapter/topics should I pick?

Hi There!

What do you (as in everyone) think is more important to focus on, chapter 5 or 6 (in Becker)? I've run out of time and only have 1.5 days left.

Ch 5 remaining topics - internal control comm, comm w/ those w/ governance & mgmt representations.

Ch 6 remaining topics (all) - prof responsibilities, audit doc, effect of IT on audit, Govt auditing, & QC standards.

Or do you think I should focus on particular sections versus chapters??! Eeek!!

Like I said, I'm running out of time for my book/notes review but have these sections to go. I'm going to go over the MCQ's, hopefully for each remaining section, but learn more and retain it better going through the book/notes/outlines. But, since I'm out of time for that on ALL the remaining sections, I was curious which ones you guys out there thought were more important.

Thanks in advance!


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Mary - all the topics you mentioned are important, but you are out of time.  If I were you, I would focus on chapter 6, specifically the first 2 - professional responsibilities and audit documentation.

As for the others, skim the chapters, pick out the key terms and at least try to give yourself a chance to pick up some points if you get questions in those areas.

Do you have audio lectures?  If so, you can listen to those sections a few times between now and your exam tomorrow and maybe try to pick up a few more points.


Hi Mary, how did AUD go?  Hope it went well!

I see you are taking BEC in late August, I have just started up Q3 Study Groups, you can join the BEC one here:




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