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So have you had something irritating told to you like the blog title? I’m pretty sure you have your own irritations so I won’t create a list of them but rather have advice on how to deal with them. The self-restraint it takes to not slam people in the face with the very heavy Wiley FAR book can definitely drain some energy. The CPA journey is already difficult without these irritations so this only adds fuel to the fire. How then to deal with these types of comments?

Well one way is to reduce the number of people in your CPA journey. There is a tradeoff between how many people you want to include in your journey vs reducing such irritations but only you can ultimately make that decision. 

You can also put the agitator’s money where their mouth is. For example, someone said that a coworker of theirs didn’t know what the big deal was since it’s Accounting and that’s what they do every day. The candidate gave their coworker a few questions to do and failed miserably. The story goes that candidate hasn’t heard a peep out of the coworker. 

Another strategy is to explain away whatever irritating comment they make, if you have the patience for that sort of thing. For example, what can be said to question stated in the blog title? Well if you graduated a few or several years ago, then it’s not fresh in your mind.  But what if you just recently graduated? Well the college courses don’t necessarily cover the exact material on the CPA exam. Also, even if you took a class a year ago, you won’t exactly remember the material. You can also have had bad professors who really didn’t explain anything and were more interested in their research.

I haven’t tried this one but it might work. If they question something, then follow their lead and pile it on yourself to an exaggeration and maybe they’ll get the hint. 

Finally, finding people in the same boat as you to sail through stormy ocean waters known as the CPA exam is rather comforting.  This is why websites such as this one keeps us motivated, gives us hope hearing others triumph over their struggles and obstacles, and relieves some of our stress as we know others can empathize with us. 

“You passed with a 76? Does that mean you slacked off in your studying?” What is especially irritating about this one is instead of being happy you passed, you get your study habits questioned.  Well doesn’t that really want you get that FAR book out and have it cocked huh? Remember to keep the above pointers in mind and stay cool my friend, stay cool :).         




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