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Imagine that you passed all sections of the exam.  No more studying. No more scheduling of exams. No more exam fees and no longer waiting on test scores.  So what is next? After all the blood and tears, what exactly are you planning to do with your license? It’s important to understand why we put ourselves through the trials and tribulations of this CPA journey.  Answering this question of why are you seeking your license inevitably answers this question:  what are you going to do after receiving your license?


As for me, well it is figuring out if and when I should leave my current employer as I plan to use my CPA license as leverage to seek a promotion.  If they’re unable to provide such promotion, then seeking an employer elsewhere will be the next step.  I’m still trying to figure how much time after receiving my license I should give my current employer to give me a promotion prior to seeking a job elsewhere. 


I do actually like the laid back not too high pressured type of environment that seems to be absent from the private sector. However, one must follow what one thinks is best for ourselves and our families.  I do realize that, however difficulty they may find it to be, any employer would let me go, if needed, just as my current employer did with a layoff.  For this reason, I too would leave however difficult I may find it to be to leave my employer of 5+ years. Since my career is in the upswing, I know I can find a position with a more lucrative salary, even if it means leaving the place I’ve basically been at my whole life.   


A seeming prospect of a city I would move to is Houston.  Many opportunities there even after excluding CPA firms, which I’m not too fond of working at.  I knew the CPA still mattered but didn’t realize how much until I came across a position in Houston that said something like “CPA license or a candidate in pursuit of license highly preferred.” Now this may seem obvious but the fact that even pursuing your license was enough for them to explicitly state this as a highly preferred requirement was rather encouraging and put into perspective in a real world example as to why it is I’m pursuing my license.


While money isn’t everything, I am convinced that money isn’t the only motivating factor, it’s something much more.  It is having a better chance to financially secure our future, to have peace of mind and security that we can better acquire basic necessities and provide certain luxuries to our loved ones.  It is these intangibles and not pure greed that many of us seek higher salaries. This cannot be more vividly clear amidst recessions and massive layoffs of many who are simply concerned where there next meal will come from. At first glance it may be odd but I’m actually grateful that I have the luxury to be frustrated and anxious about the CPA exam because there are worse things to be frustrated over and anxious about. 


For now, I’m concentrating on getting my license but I know where I’m headed.  I may not know who my employer will be or what city I’ll live in but I know that a better future waits.


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