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I am a CPA. Not a lot of people can say the same and I’m so proud that I can. For me, getting my license proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s really an investment in yourself to be a better professional and person altogether.

The opportunities are endless once you get that special designation after your name. It hasn’t been too long since I’ve gotten it and I’ve already received multiple offers from both private and public accounting firms.

At the moment I’m a Senior at a rapidly growing auditing firm, I live in sunny San Diego right on the beach, and I get to do and travel to wherever the hell I want to just because I can. So no, I haven’t personally gone out and taken a new job opportunity but I’m ok with that for the time being. But once I decide to take up those new and exciting offers that I didn’t have before getting my license, it’s going to be difficult picking which opportunity to choose.

Yes, studying was a giant pain in the ass but the rewards far outweigh the hard work, sacrifices, and tears put into it. Nothing worth having comes easy, right? Well here are three of the main reasons that I think make the CPA license worth the torture:

1. Money Money Money

Many firms are offering CPA exam incentives for candidates who have passed all four exams. This could include reimbursement for exam fees and/or bonus of up to $5,000. Cha-ching! Any bonus is a beautiful incentive considering the amount of money we spend on applying, taking the exams, and buying review courses. We worked hard so we deserve it!

I think one of the main reasons that we become accountants is to have financial stability. Let’s be honest, I don’t think we’re doing this because accounting is super fun. I mean if you beg to differ, more power to you! But it’s known that if we keep climbing up the ladder, CPAs get paid great salaries. Most firms require you to earn your CPA license in order to be promoted to senior or management level. With your CPA, you get promoted over non-CPAs and getting above that level also means getting a raise. On average, CPAs make 10 to 15% more than accountants without their certification.

I’ll be completely honest, the money incentive played a major part in keeping me motivated. My shoe collection needed to be taken off hold and I needed to add to my travel funds.  I seem to be living on planes lately (wearing pretty shoes) and I’m loving every minute of it. Yes, I love my money and I know you do too.

2. Prestige

CPAs are highly respected individuals and are truly in a class of their own. We’ve gone above and beyond any normal accountant and have officially demonstrated our commitment and expertise of our profession. Not to mention, we’ve got those three little letters at the end our name to prove it. Who else can say they worked 50+ hours a week, dealt with all that life throws at us, and studied on the little free time we have on top of all that?? An elite group of professionals, that’s who. If I don’t say so myself, CPAs are pretty badass and I’m so proud to be part of this exclusive group.

3. Career Stability and Development

Accountants are always in demand! It’s just plain fact. We’re in one of the most stable careers since we’re needed in every business and at anytime no matter the strength of the economy. Accountants with CPAs are in high demand and recruiters are at the ready to make their attack. With a CPA, you’ve demonstrated a true commitment to the profession which makes you so much more desirable to your own firm as well as potential employers. Promotions and exciting job offers, the opportunities become endless!

Or if you’re just done with the corporate world, then why don’t you just start your own business? Why not? You’re a CPA now and you can pretty much write your own ticket.

Let’s Get Started!

If you haven’t started the journey to get your CPA license yet, then let’s get to it! Click this link to learn all about the CPA Exam application process.  The journey to get your CPA will not be easy, I guarantee that. But just know that the rewards make it all worth it. You can soon be on your way to being a highly desired, money-making badass with a title in no time. Who doesn’t want that?!

Erica Supat

Beat the CPA

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Because at least it will help you make more money in the future #RogerCPAReview

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