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When Your Employer Doesn’t Fully Support You

What exactly does one do? That’s the situation a friend of mine finds herself in. Actually, it’s somewhat more unique. her boss supports her goal of attaining her license but upper management isn’t willing to pay for any of the associated costs.  So no reimbursement for expenses incurred to take the CPA exam. In addition, encouragement by the employer in getting one’s license is silent. This is of importance because her employer is rather vocal when they seek support in employer functions. Nonetheless, her employer supposedly values the license to the extent of a $2,000 raise (notice that this is a permanent raise and not a one-time bonus) to those who attain their license.


I then asked myself what my friend should do. I came up with these tips...

  • Take time off from work whenever possible to minimize studying during work hours to avoid any potential conflict/tension/verbal warnings.
  • Minimize or avoid entirely visiting Internet sites related to your CPA exam preparation. This too may be frowned upon.
  • Make sure to save enough money for everything involved in taking your CPA exams since no financial support by your employer will be provided.
  • Don’t spread news of your goals in getting your CPA license too much since certain embarrassment witnessed by your employer can be avoided if you fail sections. This is true regardless if your employer supports you but it’s even truer when your employer doesn’t support you.
  • Finally, determine if you should stay with an employer who doesn’t encourage you in your professional goals either financially or in spirit and if whatever potential raise/bonus is enough of a financial incentive to stay in your current position. If you ultimately got your license as a personal/professional goal with no motive of acquiring more lucrative salaries, then this final tip is irrelevant to your circumstances.  


So what other tips can you share with the rest us about what to do when your employer doesn’t fully support you?

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