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It's now been around 2 weeks into my study program for FAR, the novelty beginning to wear off and the family starting to feel the impact of having the cook, housekeeper, nurse, doctor, vet and shopper, go to a quarter time schedule!  As I was getting ready for work this morning I could hear, in a slightly frustrated tone,  "where the he*L are all my socks?!"  I laughed to myself and responded "ask Hunter, he did the laundry."  I've "hired" my son to help me out and while he has done a great job, he's not mom so things slip through the cracks, like matching and folding up the socks! And then there's the times when I pass my art supplies and feel so drawn to create something but alas pass them by secure in the knowledge that they will still be there (albeit dusty) when I complete this journey....but still, it's hard to quelch a moment of creativity. 


It's the sacrifices - a clean house, properly done laundry, an available nurse on staff, an increasing diet of delivered pizza - made by the entire family that make this journey not just my own.  Are there moments when I question if I can keep this up, absolutely,  but I quickly brush that doubt aside.  My family might have moments of frustration but they support me 100% and would only give up if I gave up, and that's not happening.  I feel so greatful to have such a supportive family, so willinging to travel the road with me and give up so much so that I can achieve. 


In terms of study, I am still focusing on Government Accounting.  Being that I'm pretty much starting that subject from scratch I feel it important to spend enough time learning and absorbing the concepts.  The review material helps tremendously; I would never know where to begin or what to focus on without it.  I am hoping to complete the section by the end of this coming weekend and then move on to Non Profit.  Given the time spent on Gvmt I think I should be able to cover that in less time.  Well, I suppose my break is over so until next time, happy studying everyone :-)

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