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With Full Time job and Full Time family obligations, I rarely find time to study.  I tried to sneak in 30 minutes during lunch and an hour before bed but just don't make it.  My Becker review course just expired and I have 3 more courses to go.  GOD HELP ME! 

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Comment by Niusha H on April 22, 2013 at 9:19pm

Hi Mary,

I felt the same way forever... just try and do your best and you will get there.  If I studied even an hour every day for the past year I would be done by now.  Also, maybe another CPA prep course would be better.  I'm using Roger CPA Review and I really like his teaching style, jokes and motivation.  I think the exam is difficult on purpose because I think work style and time management are essential to being an excellent CPA... hence the hidden lessons in the attainment of the license are to weed out the ones who cannot manage or balance their goals with their time.  You can do this!!  Just look over your obligations, drop some temporarily or outsource them, and your goal of passing the exams will happen.  

Re-focus and good luck!

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