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The last two days have gone way to fast.  I am feeling a mixture of emotions ranging from excited to terrified.  I have done everything that I had scheduled in preparation of the CPA exam, but (as always) would like a few extra hours to dedicate to TBS questions.   Otherwise I am feeling pretty good about how prepared I am for the CPA test.  Yesterday was another issue.

Yesterday, I could not answer any of the multiple choice questions correctly, I was second guessing myself on questions I knew and not reading the question all the way through.  That is a problem I have when I start getting stressed.  I rush and in the process I make mistakes and the more mistakes I make the worse it gets until a little snow flake turns into an avalanche.  So I took a break, reviewed what was going on, regrouped and started again last night.  Everything started to click and going well.

Today I actually watched Rogers CPA review course lectures on internal controls and sampling again.  I was VERY weak in those areas and decided that watching those lectures would be very beneficial to the remaining study time I had.  I really enjoy the way he teaches, and it makes it stick for me.  Watching the lectures paid off; I am doing better in those sections now.

I am getting about an 85% - 95% on the MCQs and 80%-90% on the TBS with the software, so I am hoping that will get me through to at least a 75% for the test.  Last time I was not doing as well on the TBS so I am hoping the improvement will reflect with an improvement for the CPA Exam.

I will let you know after the test how it is going.  I have tonight and tomorrow morning to cram in a few extra hours to study, and to build my confidence in my test taking ability.  Wish me luck.

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