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When my husband left, I concentrated on getting a job, and finishing up the educational requirements for the CPA requirements.  Classes ended December 9th and I should have started studying right away for my test.  But, it was December, I still didn’t have any Christmas decorations up, I had purchased most of the gifts I bought on black Friday, but I still needed to wrap and buy all the little things and some gifts I didn’t have.  I have a 5 year old, this was very important to me for him to have a Christmas. Life got in the way.

I had scheduled the test for January 3rd, and that was less than a month away.  I didn’t have a plan written out and thought I would have plenty of time to study and get all the multiple choice questions done.

I started studying December 15th, giving me a total of 20 days to study. Thankfully I got the cram course from Rogers CPA. I watched the courses, but not writing down my study plan proved to be a downfall, as I was very scattered.  With it being the holidays, I was not able to concentrate as I needed to my study schedule was very erratic.  Toping things off I had several days that I had no childcare, which meant no studying during that time.

Even though I had not been able to watch all the video’s, I didn’t get started on the computer multiple choice until December 31st.  I felt that I really needed to concentrate on the questions, and decided to ditch the video’s and worked on them only. That only gave me 3 days to work on the multiple choices.  My first time taking the computer questions was less than 50%.  I freaked out; I was doing well on the questions in the book, how was I going to pass if I could not even get 50% on the computerized test?

Thankfully, I had a really good friend that talked me through it.  She used Rogers review course, so she knew what was happening.  She helped me realize that I had to get used to the testing style of taking the test online, she helped me use the software and basically held my hand during those last few days.  

Next edition to discuss test day.

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