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Greetings to everyone.  Well, my exam date is fast approaching, but my studying is going at a snail’s pace. My mom will be moving back into her assisted living facility next week, and out of skilled nursing.  I meet with her attorney on Monday to begin the process folding what is left of her assets into a trust, and making certain all of her last wishes are clearly expressed as she wants them.  I thought I had more time on this and it could wait to after my exam to get this started, but her last hospital visit showed me otherwise.  To top it all off, my youngest son decided to elope last week.  My concentration is not as it should be, and focusing in has been quite a challenge.   I plan to hit those MCQ’s hard tomorrow, and through the next few days.  If I can get through all of the MCQ’s and SIMs once by next Thursday, I will have a week for solid review.  With all that is going on, I find myself relying heavily on Roger’s memory aids.  Those weird mnemonics he comes up with actually stick.  Also, he continues to stress and review the big picture, which helps keep me from getting so lost in the details of each section.  My study plan has devolved into doing what I can, looking at my fast approaching test date as a challenge and at the very least an opportunity to practice the exam, live.  Anything else, and I become too anxious, and study turns futile and fruitless.  The exam can be taken again, but if I fail to do what my mom needs right now, and the worst happens, no re-do’s are possible.   Good luck to all CPA exam preparers next week!

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