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Hello fellow candidates!  It was so nice to actually go to bed at a relatively normal time last night and actually get more than 5 hours of sleep!  Normally I would look at the clock and think "okay, I've got 3 hours until 12:30 (a.m.) should be able to get some good study time in."  It was 10:30 and I was like "YES!  I'm going to sleep NOW!!).  I know this won't last, but I'll enjoy while I can.  Then this morning on my way to work, instead of listening to Bill Grubbs from my Lambers audio, I listened to Jazz music! 

If there's one piece of advice I would give any candidate is that for at least 2 weeks prior to taking a scheduled exam and after the exam until you have your result,  resist reading other candidates blog posts on their experiences (at least with the exam you're taking)!  Many candidates post their scores for each time they've taken a particular exam. If you look at these and notice a candidate had taken an exam 5+ times before passing, that knowledge can put you in a mental state of absolute panic before you even answer your first question!  I can only hope that I would have the same determination as these candidates.

And then post exam - I felt pretty good leaving the exam last night.  There were a couple of areas on the MCQ that I felt uncertain about and at least 2 questions where I had no clue and had to make an "educated guess".  I finished the MCQ in 2.5 hours, leaving me with 1.5 hours for the sim's.  As with the MCQ, I felt pretty comfortable with the majority of the Sim tasks.  There was one that I wasn't sure of, but used my basic accounting knowledge to try and fill in the gaps. Then the research question, which I had never done well on in my practice sims, I don't think I did all that much better on the actual exam.  Other than that, I left feeling like I did enough to pass.  Maybe not achieve a score worth bragging about, but a 75, yea I felt I at least accomplished that. 

With the exam experience still fresh in my mind, when I received an email notification this morning of a blog post of a candidates experience (different site) I clicked on it - big mistake!!!  To read that a fellow candidate left their exam feeling confident and then received bad news, well -- that's going to make the next 20 days very painful! 

So, let's for a moment think positive and move forward -- what should come next, Aud or Reg? 

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Comment by Charlene L. Main on August 21, 2013 at 8:53pm

Thank you for each of your thoughts! I have decided on Audit. I have 0 background in Audit and it seems to be as demanding as FAR so I'd rather get it done and then do Reg last. Of course all this hinges on whether I passed FAR or not but until I know I must move forward!  This is such a great group, never met anyone but yet feel like everyone is a friend!

Comment by Niusha H on August 21, 2013 at 7:48pm

I thought going for REG after FAR made most sense, because I feel like when you're at the end of the finish line, you need a change of pace... thus AUD would be a good finishing section in my opinion.

Nice job taking FAR, and great suggestion about not comparing yourself to others' experiences.  There are so many factors that go into the resulting score that it doesn't make sense to read into why folks took the exams so many times or chose to post their score history.

Comment by Monica, CMO Gleim on August 21, 2013 at 12:24pm

I would agree that taking AUD next would be a good idea.  You'll see similar topics in AUD, and it's also a nice break after the information overload that is FAR.

Comment by CPA Exam Club on August 21, 2013 at 9:31am

Great advice!

Comment by Henry Bautista de Dios on August 21, 2013 at 9:03am
I'm studying for REG and BEC, which is the right forum for REG.
Comment by Alicia B. on August 20, 2013 at 12:04pm

AUD or REG would work nicely after the FAR exam.  If you would like to have less reading material, I would recommend AUD.  I took AUD after FAR, and I liked the change.  I agree that looking at blog posts can be very scary before or after taking the test.  I made the mistake of looking at blog posts after taking the exam, and my optimistic feeling about the test diminished.  Thinking positive goes a long way before, during, and after the exam!

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