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Figure it Out: The Best CPA Review Material For You

Just like everyone else who ever decided to take the CPA exam, I had questions about the BEST review material.  I wanted something that would guarantee that I would pass each section on the first try. At one point, I  may have  researched more on that subject and other exam takers study systems than actually studying (sad, but probably true). One thing I have learned is that they old saying "everything ain't for everybody" is 100% true.  It wasn't until I took a step back and re-evaluated the way I was studying that I started to make some real progress. 


It took me while (and 2 failing scores) to realize that I was using a review system that just did not fit my studying style/habits. I get bored with lectures. I also dislikes answering MCQ's that contained items that the review material didn't go over, but the question was assigned. I learn best by doing, I also like to have as much information as possible so that I feel properly informed and prepared.  I also have very limited time 3-4 hours on the week day (sometimes less)  and 5 hours per day on the weekend.  Once I got realistic with my study habits and  the time I had available. I was able to select a CPA review system that was perfect for me. So far I feel as if I am retaining information and that my review is going better because I'm not dreading it.

To pick the best CPA review system for you, make a  list of your study habits and be realistic about the time you have to study.  There are some review systems that will take you by the hand and guide you to the end, and others that give you the material and send you on your way. Spend more time looking at the sample lectures (if you're into those) and try any trial lessons the review material may offer. Just because something claims to be the best, does not mean its the best for you.

I hope this helps...

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Comment by Rob @ Pederson CPA Review on March 19, 2013 at 4:22pm

Good advice, Gina.  Knowing yourself and how you learn best is key.  From there, you can set your plan and pick your course.

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