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So test day was the next day and the night before the test was awful.  I couldn’t get sleep.   I kept going over mnemonics in my head and couldn’t turn it off, even though I was exhausted and wanted to be well rested before the test.  I think I finally got to sleep around 3 or 4 in the morning, only allowing me about 4 hours of sleep.

The day of the test, I continued multiple choice questions, and was doing better, some area’s scoring 100%, but certain area’s I was very weak, and still not pulling 75%.  I was really worried. But, when I got to the test site I was unremarkable calm.  Even today, it amazes me.  I think I knew I wasn’t going to pass, but it was too late to do anything about it, so why worry.   

I got there about 30 minutes before my appointment time.  I went in and used the restroom; this is something that is recommended by everyone I talked to about taking the test.  If you have to go during the test, you have to go through a check out process and check back in again.  I don’t think it would have been a problem at the site I used, but I didn’t want to waste any time.

The test site was un-impressive.  There was nothing fancy, a waiting area with lockers, a check-in room and a small computer room (about 20) in small desk-like areas.  After I signed in I put all my stuff in the locker and they led me to a computer, I took a deep breath and started the test. 

The beginning section was just like the AICPA sample site, I saved a bunch of time because I didn’t have to read the instructions.

During the test, I was amazed with the number of questions that were similar to the practice questions.  I answered them as I thought I should and went through them in a timely manner.  I didn’t feel pressured for time but I did get anxious at one point and just wanted the test OVER with. I started skimming the question and not really making sure of the answer.  I realized I was getting frustrated and took a minute to redirect myself, take a deep breath and go back over a few of the questions that I just clicked through.  I still had plenty of time, but the idea of a 4 hour test just makes my entire body tense up.

Ultimately I finished with almost an hour to spare, but I didn’t think I passed.  I was sure that I had not even gotten a 50% on the test. My friends say that is normal.  You never feel like you studied enough or that you passed when you leave the test.

After the test was done, I was just relieved that it was over.  I couldn’t change the results now, so why be anxious for the next month and a half?  What was the worst that would happen if I didn’t pass?  I was out a lot of time I could have spent on other activities, and the cost of the test.

Stay tuned for the waiting game, and the results.

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