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I passed Reg!  I could not believe my eyes when I saw the one word that meant more than anything else in the world at the moment - PASS.  This had been my third attempt at the test.  And I had wondered if I was going to make it in to the test center two weeks before the test.

You see, my husband had been in a motorcycle accident.  It was a minor one involving mechanical failure of the bike.  We believe that the bike belt either was jammed by a rock or broke because of age.  Either way it caused the rear tire to freeze.  The bike went down and my husband hit his head.  (He was wearing a helmet.)  At that point, he moved the bike into a parking lot and called me.  When I arrived he was showing signs of a concussion.  He couldn't remember falling, kept walking around his bike, and asking me some weird questions like where was his motorcycle key.   At that point, I knew I had to take him to the ER.  Something was terrible wrong.  Once there, the staff asked him questions about what day, month, and year it was.  He did not remember the day or month.  As for the year, he hesitantly guess 2013.   The ER nurse warned me that it might take up to a two weeks before he showed signs of recovery and it is quite normal for a concussion victim to repeat questions multiple times.  They did a CT scan which came back good and the ER doctor gave his permission to take him home.  When I woke him that night my husband could remember what day, month, and year it was.  First sign of recovery!   The next day, he was able to recall the previous day up until the accident and he was not asking the same repetitive questions.  We visited our doctor and he received the doctor's ok to return to work two days after the accident.  

It has been six weeks since the accident.  He still does not remember the accident or the visit to the ER. But in all other aspects he is doing quite well. 

As for taking the Reg exam, I did not have to put it off again.  And I am glad that I had given myself those extra weeks to study for the test.  This time around I took a more active approach to my studying - making notes as I read, copying answers if I did not get a practice question correct, working sims a second time if I had difficulty.  It paid off!

Well, I better get back to studying...I have an audit test December 5th.  Good luck to everyone in this test window!

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Comment by CPA Exam Club on November 6, 2013 at 9:12pm
Congratulations Beverly!!! So glad your husband is okay and you passed REG! Time to go slay AUD!

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