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As I’ve delved into studying, I’ve developed a routine that I think many will find beneficial. I start with the audiovisual presentations. These provide me with a quick overview of the topics presented in each study unit. I prefer using the audiovisual presentations first so that when I’m reading the book later, I already have an idea of whether I can skim through the material or if I have to read it thoroughly.

After I finish a section, I answer the questions at the end of the study unit. If I get more than two questions wrong, I go back and read or re-read the section. Otherwise, I move on. This allows me to test my knowledge on a topic area so that I have an idea of how much I know versus how much I thought I knew. It shows me which areas I need to concentrate on within a topic. I then take the first multiple-choice quiz on the Gleim website. It gives me feedback and prepares me for the second quiz. If I make less than an 85% on the quiz (I’m shooting for 10% more than passing just to give myself a measure of comfort), I know what areas I need to restudy.

I did a comparison using this method of studying versus the traditional method. The results were the same for me. In both cases, I missed one question, but it only took half as long to complete the section using the first method. My method won’t work on sections that I am wholly unfamiliar with, but it works great on familiar sections.

Once I’ve completed a study unit, I take the second quiz. I treat this like the final exam and note the areas that I got less than 85% of the questions right. I’m waiting to take the practice tests because I want to be able to include three to four study units at a time to gauge my retention of the material. I’m sure I’ll make changes to my method as I progress, but for now, I have a method that seems to work for me. As a mentor of mine once said, after I’m finished with my exams, CPA will mean something different: Can’t Pass Again.

Gleim CPA Review is proud to welcome Jonathan M. to the Team Gleim family.  While Jonathan enjoys being a chronic test taker, he does want to ensure that he only takes each section of the CPA exam once, which is why he chose to pass with Gleim.  Good luck CPA candidates!

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