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"A number of people have asked me how I scored as high as I have and for study tips. I thought I’d put some general tips in one place, with links to more exam-specific information I’ve posted here and there. Feel free to ask any questions; I’m happy to help. I have greatly benefited from these forums. I went through a very long process as a career changer whose CPA journey began over 3 years ago with going back to school to satisfy education requirements.

The short story is that I studied a lot.

Please note, though, that I am a single person with no family, which makes things easier for me than it is for those of you with family responsibilities. I admire those of you who juggle family responsibilities with studying. I don’t think I could ever do that!
My overall strategy was to make sure I knew all the material in the review materials very well. I read and did all the MCQs and sims in my main review book (Bisk) at least twice, once when I first started studying for a section, and then another time after I have worked through other materials. I went through a few particularly
troublesome areas three times. As I did each practice problem, I tried to make sure I understood why the correct choice was correct and why the others were wrong. I reviewed any area that I felt at all shaky on. It is important to do as many MCQs as possible, and practice sims to a lesser extent. Practice makes perfect...."
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