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Study Technique: My Way or the Review Course Way

I've always been an excellent student, but I also know that essays are my forte and MCQs are tricky for me only because I'm able to see many sides of the same coin (at least that's how my mother put it when I was younger and frustrated with MCQs).

Now that I'm preparing for standardized, uniform CPA exams, I find my nervousness and anxiety about MCQs getting the best of me to the point that I've tried to do my diligence in studying the subjects and topics inside and out.  But, that defeats the purpose of a CPA exam review course (trimming the fat out of the subjects and reducing the time needed to study for the exams).  See

So, after months of spending too much time struggling and trying to study my way to ensure passing on the first exam, I finally gave in and followed Roger's method with his CPA review course.  And, I'm happy to say that I "get it" now and wish I'd followed his way from the beginning.  When doing the MCQs the first time you have to really expect to learn than to get them all correct, then after reviewing and understanding the subjects' nuances, it makes more sense to go for scoring more questions correctly when using a test bank for MCQs.  My studying is now more enjoyable and I feel like I'm getting more out of the time I put into it as well.

I share this experience in hopes that it helps those of you who are out there to keep on persevering through the study time to get to the exam period and pass.  It can be done and it shouldn't be such a "hurdle" as many out there make it out to be.  Best of luck fellow CPA candidates!

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Comment by Gina on August 30, 2013 at 1:42pm

I can relate to this. I was so focused on getting through the materials that I wasn't really learning anything. 

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