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Recently, I reflected on how I could best pass the CPA exam.  I use an app called RunDouble and what I like about it is that I don't have to "think" about what to do - the training plan is built in and I can play the music on my phone simultaneously while I run around beautiful places in my neighborhood.

So, why not make a RunDouble feature for the CPA exam, I thought?  Honestly, I'm tired of putting off so many fun goals and missing another summer to "I should study" is simply not something I want to do.  I also am not willing to give up on my third shift of the day (housework, parenting, studying) - studying.

So, to get out of limbo, I recently added two daily recurring calendar items - 1 1-hour study session and 1 2-hour study session.  Now, every evening I plan the next day - hour by hour - to have a schedule that matches my "to do"s.  So far, so good.  Now, I just have to "do the plan" and the rest will happen.

Energized and ready to go! 

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