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It's been about 2 weeks now since I received my results on my last exam, FAR.  With the good news I began to study for Audit.  The first night went okay, I didn't really feel great about it but figured I just needed to get back into my groove.  But as the next week passed things were going from bad to worse.  Every time I attempted to read the text I'd doze off, shake myself awake and try again....still, something just wasn't working.  Nothing was clicking; it's difficult to explain but it just seemed like I wasn't putting the pieces together, not understanding the "why" and how the concepts I was focusing on fit together.  I would start with watching a Yaeger lecture, from there I would review the text but, through no fault of the instructor, everything just felt sporadic.  So I tried the MCQ drilling strategy, I was failing miserably!  After that I went online and printed out the relevant AU-C literature.  You can imagine how that worked out for me.   Something had to be done, at this rate I certainly would not be ready to take this exam in the next testing window. 

Since I had a good experience with the Lambers review for FAR I decided I'd purchase the Audit module and see if I had better luck with that.  I'm happy to say that I have!   So far these lectures have been great for me; the instructor moves through the topics in a  uniform way providing me with the background and details that I need to be able to fully understand the concepts.   

With the new study materials working for me,  I once again feel motivated and my confidence level has creped up.  I'm disappointed in having wasted nearly 2 weeks but I suppose it's all part of the process! 

Happy studying!

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Comment by Niusha H on November 4, 2013 at 2:50pm

Thanks for the outline of your experience with Audit.  I've been working on FAR with and Wiley supportive text and found it to be a challenge when I'm not in my groove.  Thank you for sharing what worked and what didn't and spreading the hope of getting through these exams.  All the best to you, Charlene!  Great to see your activity on this forum throughout these months, too.

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