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Scores Released = Happy Roger CPA Review Students!

Each score release, there’s no sweeter sound than the ding of an incoming email signifying the promise of another student testimonial! We’re so grateful for our wonderful students who have provided insightful testimonials accounting their experience with their Roger CPA Review course. Cue the “Chariots of Fire” and go nab some tissues…these ones are real tear jerkers!

"I woke up this morning to check my FAR result. Passed with 87. It's official: I have passed all four parts of the CPA exam within 4 month period. Just wanted to thank Roger and the wonderful staff for all their help. Keep in mind I work a full time accounting job 50-60 hour weeks. To pass this
exam, it takes a lot of time and dedication. Give up nights and weekends to eat, sleep, and breathe the CPA exam. My motto was to take one section at a time and fully focus on that. I took REG in Jan-12, BEC in Feb-12, AUD in Apr-12 and FAR in May-12. There's definitely overlap among sections. It can definitely be frustrating and overwhelming at times, but stick with Roger's plan/method and you can pass! – Will H., via the Homework Help Center"
"Passed part 3 - BEC. One more to go. I was able to do it with the help of you, with a two year old and working full time. Thank you - it's a great review course!!" – Nicole F., via Facebook
"I just found out I passed FAR with an 82% today (AUD - 96%, BEC - 86%, REG - 89%). I passed all of them on
the first try and I did it with Roger! Thanks so much, you've definitely made something that seemed impossible, possible. Thanks again!!!!!!"
– Michael H., via Facebook

"Thanks Roger! You are the most entertaining yet effective lecturer. I passed all 4 using Roger CPA Review. I thought your AUD is exceptionally helpful." - Quynh N.T., via Facebook
"After failing so many times on each section of the CPA exam (1-3 times, depending on the section), I finally
decided to try a different review course this time and chose Roger CPA because of his enthusiasm and ability to make you laugh.....even when it's past midnight and you're tired. After checking on my BEC score this past week, finally saw it today, at 10am. It didn't register at first, because I was so emotionally prepared to fail....AGAIN....but.....
ROGER I PASSED BEC WITH AN 84! I still can't believe it! I can actually pass this exam this go-around!!! And hopefully it will be my last attempt." – Lin S., via Facebook

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