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I had to have some time to refocus and regroup my life.  I did not pass REG and it crushed me.  I did the suggested studying.  Scored high on the homework and thought I down when I walked in the test center, but as my last blog shows, I didn't know how I did after the test.  When the results came out, I was devastated.  I didn't even make a 70, what was up with that.  

So, on the advise of my husband, I took a break to evaluate what was going on, and how I can pass and become a CPA.

What did I do with this time.  Other than spend quality time with my child, I was able to determine my shortcomings in my study habits and came up with some possible solutions.

1. Distractions - studying at home does not work so well when you get distracted by the phone, a messy house and dirty laundry doesn't help.  (Turn off  the house phones and screen cell phone, clean at night when family is home and turn over the laundry to my husband.)

2. Text/Games - I started playing words with friends when I was studying last year, and spend one whole day pausing my lecture to play.  (really bad move on my part).  I was having a hard time concentrating and thought the release of playing that game would help.  I was wrong.  (I will not play games or text with friends during study hours)

3. Family/Friend emergencies - I had a friend that needed support during a crisis, and I needed to be there for her.  As well as a Family member that had issues as well.  These issues distracted me not only from studying but kept in my mind during my studies.  This was a big issue for me.  (Schedule at least 2 extra days for catch-up for when the unexpected comes up.)

4. Concentration - I touched on this above, but I was not able to concentrate on the lectures due to personal issues happening to those I care about.  I have not had this issue before, as Roger CPA Review is so entertaining and normally keeps me focused.  (I haven't figured out how to overcome this.)

5. Restlessness during lectures - I was not able to sit still during the some of the lectures.  Goes back a little to #4 as well.  (Exercise.  I have not given exercise a priority.  I will schedule exercise into my life.  This will not be during study time, but will add it to family time.)

If anyone has any ideas to help me as well, I would appreciate any input.  I believe I have good starting blocks, but additional advice would be appreciated.

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Comment by Amanda Sievers on January 18, 2013 at 11:55am

I know the feeling, Tana! :( It can be the most stressful thing. I am curious what review you are using... The one i use is amazing! It really takes the stress out of studying- and actually makes it kind of fun!

It’s called Roger CPA Review ( . I am currently using this review for all 4 parts of my studying, and I love it! Roger takes the “studying feeling” out of cramming for the exams and feeling overwhelmed. He makes accounting actually seem fun, with his high energy and love for accounting. He truly wants to see his students succeed. This is a great alternative to the customary review courses we are used to hearing about! Please take a look at the website above for additional information and to sign up!

Good luck in your studies and hang in there!



Comment by Ben on January 17, 2013 at 11:43am

Hi Tana, those all seem like very good points to keep in mind and I think self-analysis is the key to success, so you will destroy REG next time!

I tend to have the same issue with keeping my mind focused and being restless, and came to a similar conclusion as you as to the whenever my mind starts wandering during a lecture I will simply pause it and go lift weights for a minute or two.  It actually works extremely well as I burned through a lot of work yesterday (and did a lot of exercise, haha)!  Definitely give exercise a try, especially if you can do some fast but exhausting ones as mini-breaks- be it sprinting on stationary bike/treadmill, bodyweight exercises, or weight lifting.  I prefer doing my work all at once with just very short breaks and anaerobic exercise, but perhaps longer ones for aerobic exercise might work for other.

Comment by CPA Exam Club on January 17, 2013 at 8:18am

Hi Tana, I'm sorry about you not passing REG...but keep at it...YOU WILL PASS!

 I shared your story over at the Did-Not-Pass Group

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