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Hello fellow candidates! 


After a long 3 week wait I received my score for FAR today.  Having checked the site throughout the day, I finally got my score at 10 min to 5.  After I clicked on "score" for the 20th time, I noticed that there were no red words; I gasped and quickly clicked on another tab exclaiming loudly "my score is there!!"  My coworkers were probably more excited that they wouldn't have to suffer through my complaining anymore about the scores not being released, yelled "Well, how did you do?" and were rather frustrated when I replied that I didn't know because I couldn't bring myself to look.  In fear of an uprising I once again clicked on the NASB tab and slowly scrolled down.  When I saw my score my hands flew up into the air, I yelled "YES, YES!" and swung around in my chair several times.  This, I thought, must be what it feels like to win a football game!  Well, ok maybe not, but this was my football game and I won!  Although my score was only an 88,  to me  that is equivalent to a 99 because  God willing, this means I will never have to go over the FAR material again and that is priceless!


I am very self aware of my learning style, what works and what does not.  For FAR I knew my weak areas so I began with Government, NFP and DTL/DTA.   I really have to know the topics, if I just do a basic review of high level concepts, I'll fail miserably.  I'm a terrible guesser too so I can't really count on the 50/50 working in my favor.  With this self understanding  I went with 3 different review programs and 1 question test prep, each filling a particular need.  1) Yeager (Cindy sections for the most part) for intensive video review 2) Lambers  for intensive audio review (Bill Grubbs on Gvmt, NFP and Partnerships awesome!) 3) Pederson CPA review for final review, additional MCQ assistance and personal counselor.  I could be watching a Yeager video, have a question, email Rob and  have an answer fairly quickly. The online video clips were great  in helping me with the bigger picture understanding.  And finally, Gleim for test prep - note:  simulation wizard absolutely worth the money.


A study  technique that I believe contributed significantly to passing was/is a basic acctg tool:  T accounts my friends, T accounts!  I purchased myself a Wilson old school green paper pad and starting with Gvmt I would trace or map out transactions so I could see the impact on ALL the accounts, not just the ones listed in the problem.  I can't even express how much this helped,  especially in putting the picture together for DTL.  This concept I had always feared and never really understood, now it seems somewhat simple.  At first I just couldn't get it, finally I shut off the video, didn't listen to audio, none of it.  It was me, a sheet of green paper and a complex problem.  I traced each trx, from IS to BS, and carried it through its entirety (using both j/e's and t-accts)  and then bingo, the light went off!  It's not something I could learn just by looking at it or hearing it, I had to do it.


After my night of basking in the glory of my win, I will start the intensive study program for Audit.  Audit is unfamiliar territory for me so that immediately has me a little nervous.  Not only that, one of my best study resources for FAR won't be available for Audit - Pederson CPA review.  Not sure how I will fill that void.


Well I think I've reached the end of my battle winning speech!  It's time to put this win behind me and focus on the next battle.  Good luck to you all on your next exam!  If anyone has any tips on Audit preparation I would love to hear them! 

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Comment by Charlene L. Main on September 10, 2013 at 12:14pm

@John Pelicano - Thank You!

Comment by Charlene L. Main on September 10, 2013 at 12:13pm

This misspell probably isn't your fault, my computer automatically corrected it from "Yaeger" to "Yeager" and I never noticed until I already posted the blog!

Thank you for the advise, I will look up those pneumonic's as I do tend to use those as well!

Comment by Bobbi Johnson, CPA on September 10, 2013 at 12:02pm

Sorry - misspelled Yaeger.. My apologies to Phil, Gary and everyone else from there. Your materials are the best!!

Comment by Bobbi Johnson, CPA on September 10, 2013 at 12:01pm

Congrats Charlene!!!  It's probably better you aren't familiar with audit.  I struggled with what I knew from my work world being a little different than what was tested on the exam.  Make sure you read the audit questions thoroughly so you understand what they are really asking.  Audit is alot of memorization.  There are a couple of pneumonic lists on the CPA Exam Club site - I carried mine everywhere with me and drilled those into my head.  A lot of the audit questions have 2 answers that can be immediately eliminated - with that, you're halfway there. If you are looking for study material, Yeager Audit with Gary Bulmash is really, really good.  He's an excellent instructor and gives a lot of tips on the deciphering the questions.  Best of luck to you!!!

Comment by John Pelicano on September 10, 2013 at 7:03am

Congratulations Charlene!  It is great to hear of your success.  As you get into Audit please follow exactly what Gary tells you to do.  He will get you through the exam.  Also remember to utilize our internal message boards and Instructor Hotline.  Good luck again!

John Pelicano

V.P. of Student Development


Comment by CPA Exam Club on September 9, 2013 at 8:39pm

Yay big congrats Charlene!!!

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