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Oct/Nov 2010 Window: CPA Exam Score Release Estimates


WAVE 1 & 2 Oct/Nov 2010 Window Score Release Estimates

First of all, good luck to all of you testing in this last testing window under the current Uniform CPA Exam!

Using the below background information for approximate score release dates, scores start to release after the 7th full week of testing. For the October/November window it is estimated scores will release starting the week of November 15th. Wave 1 cutoff is normally the 7th of the 2nd month, for the Oct/Nov 2010 window the cutoff is estimated to be Saturday, November 6th.

Starting a couple days before November 15th, you will want to keep an eye out for tweets from @NASBA and @cpaexamtweets or receive e-mail updates from the Score Release Group at CPA Exam Club (info below) as NASBA should tweet around 11/15 that a certain number of Wave 1 Scores have been released to them from the AICPA. This announcement sets the score release process in motion.

Within 24 hours of AICPA release notification, a few "early bird states" (CA, VA, IL and a few others...) will release their scores.

For "NASBA States", it generally takes NASBA 24-48 business hours to get the scores posted to their CPAES system. Once NASBA releases scores (around 10pm EST), several states (the NASBA States) will be released all at once. Several other states will release during this time as well, most via their own BOA site or via e-mail. The "snail mail states" follow to wrap up the Score Release Wave.

There is no official score release order, but based on past history, the order appears to go BEC, REG, AUD & FAR. REG, AUD & FAR seem to switch around a bit. If you give the AICPA a day between each section, that will push the last AICPA WAVE 1 section release into the week starting 11/22.

WAVE 1 Oct/Nov 2010 Window
Score Release Start - Week of November 15th
Score Release Finish - Week of November 22nd

WAVE 2 Oct/Nov 2010 Window
Score Release Start - Week of December 20th & quite possibly starting week of 12/13. (*)
Score Release Finish - Week of December 20th or 27th

(*) last year AICPA/NASBA were committed to not stretch out the score release process over the holidays. We may see scores released a little earlier than the 20th.

The anticipated score release dates for some exams taken in the first month of the testing window will be during the seventh week
of the window. The remaining exams from the first month and all from the second month will be released two to three weeks after the end of the window...”

Source: [ILBOA on page 4 of the document]

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