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No Longer Afraid of the Four-Headed Monster: The CPA Exam

Hello, I am a 30-something stay at home mom to three small and wonderful children 6, 4, 3. I began my CPA journey in the summer of 2012 when I receive my NTS from the state of Kentucky. I was nothing short of elated and immediately purchased study material from Yaeger for FAR and BEC. Shortly before receiving the material I began researching study tactics, and time lines for each section. Based on the research I decided to view two videos a day, one in the early morning and one at night followed by MCQ’s, putting in roughly 4 hours a day of study time. Following, this plan I scheduled Far for Nov, three months away. Theoretically, this sounded like an effective and fantastic idea. However, I was mentally unprepared for the mountain of information. Who knew there was: what felt like a million concepts covered in FAR. After, maybe the fifth video I was both overwhelmed and you guessed it bored to tears. I never imagined the contents of this exam would be so challenging. Like so many other candidates I simply under estimated what it took to earn the three golden letter behind an accountant’s name, CPA. Feeling defeated and powerless I decided to postpone facing the “four-headed” monster until I was better equipped. I took a full year and a half off, returning to my studies with a vengeance this past January. I have decided to start with REG since I’m fairly confident with taxes in addition to wanting to avoid being tested on the changes made to health care. As it stands now I view one video a day during the week supplemented by Yaeger audio review, on the weekends I set aside five hours for studying. To keep myself on track I take several breaks to digest and reword the material. In addition, I’ve begun videotaping my thoughts after each session. For me this has proven to be the most effective to understanding and retaining the new material. I am no longer afraid of the “four-headed monster”. It may take me several tries before victory is mine, but I will be triumphing. Nedra Cales Treat every concept like it’s the only one needed to achieve the golden 75. I will be a CPA

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Comment by John Pelicano on February 18, 2014 at 8:39am

Great going!  Let us know how we can help along the way.  Remember, learn the concept...It will pull you though. And it is good to see you are utilizing the Audio course at times you can't study with the full course content.  Those audios will help with your retention of the material.

Good luck!

Comment by Niusha H on February 17, 2014 at 9:56pm

I think its great that you've come back to your goal and are starting with a section you feel strong in.  You can do this!  Keep us posted in the club as to your successes (and challenges).

Comment by CPA Exam Club on February 14, 2014 at 4:59pm

Love the attitude Nedra!!  Yes, you are right, you can slay the four-headed monster.  Keep your eye on the prize and keep at it, day by day!  We all each other here to pass, you can put your daily (or hourly) thoughts here in the Check-Ins area, go here and then click on Check-Ins.  It's a good way to hold yourself accountable.  Happy Studying!! 


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