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My Name is Jonathan, and I am a Chronic Test Taker

"My name is Jonathan, and I am a chronic test taker." I can imagine myself standing up and saying that at some meeting for examinees anonymous. I have already taken and passed the bar exam in more than one state, and now I’m taking the CPA exams. Having always been good at numbers (especially manipulating them), I decided to go back to school (I feel like I never really left) to get my accounting degree so that I can work in tax or auditing. Tax, of course, is an overlapping area that either an accountant or attorney can practice. Most people don’t think of auditing as an overlapping area, but it can be, especially when defending clients against government audits for funding purposes.

Becoming a CPA is important to me. When I got my first bachelor's degree, I had accounting friends I teased about the "excitement" of recording in journals and posting financial statements. Now, they tease me about becoming one of them. I have learned, though, that there are parts of accounting that are exciting. I worked for the local district attorney before going to law school and helped take down a Jeopardy champion by matching his expenditures to the monies he received from his victims. As a family law lawyer, I helped find $20,000 that a husband hid in offshore accounts from his wife by going through his financial statements. These things made me realize that accounting can be fun.

If you want to work as an accountant, being a CPA is very important. It gives you the freedom to move from tax to auditing to posting financial statements for multinational companies. Employers expect it, clients look for it, and lets face it, a Certified Public Accountant makes a lot more money than an accountant without that credential. I am just starting the process of becoming a CPA, but I am excited about it. I have a track record of helping others pass exams, so I look forward to giving you all advice, tips, tricks and outlines that I create from the Gleim materials that may aid you in your CPA journey. Until next time, zaijian (that’s Mandarin for goodbye).


Gleim CPA Review is proud to welcome Jonathan M. to the Team Gleim family.  While Jonathan enjoys being a chronic test taker, he does want to ensure that he only takes each section of the CPA exam once, which is why he chose to pass with Gleim.  Good luck CPA candidates!


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Comment by Niusha H on May 19, 2013 at 7:12pm

Chronic test takers unite!  Keep studying!!!

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