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My first blog ever.. on the eve of BEC exam! | Richa's CPA Exam Journey

Believe it or not, this really is my first blog! Not that I have never tried writing one. I have tried to carve out bits and pieces of some interesting (at least I find them interesting) times in my life but have never actually opened them up to the world. But after reading some of the posts on this forum I finally am doing it! Wish me luck that I continue it.

I started studying for BEC sometime in May. Got a real cheap 2012 edition of the Wiley CPA Exam Review on Amazon. And then began my hunt for best study materials for CPA exam. Sounds stupid right!

Well I bought the book without any research whatsoever in the hopes of having some divine intervention that will show me the best path. Quite frankly being a qualified chartered accountant from India and emerging a winner after tackling the sea of study materials the Indian exam has I felt it would be a cakewalk (I guess most of my Indian friends would agree).

Nevertheless, the research did not lead to any fruitful results. The general consensus was that Wiley has one of the best layouts and explanations to topics. So my choice ultimately proved correct! (was there actually a divine intervention?)

I did not touch the book for a couple of weeks after that. I had just begun my MS Accounting summer session and got busy with college and stuff. Comes the last week of July and my phone suddenly rings one day and a BEC Exam on 24th Aug reminder pops up. That was no less then a wake up alarm. The first step was to make a schedule for study. I typically do not follow the study schedules given in modules. I just feel more comfortable with my own schedules.

There were 8 modules in total with most of the topics which I was comfortable with. I began with a careful reading of the entire material, highlighting important points with colorful sharpies! Love doing that. The downside is it leaves the book practically useless for anyone else. But small price to pay for the CPA right?

The next step was solving the practice questions of the Wiley Book. I also did prepare a flashcards summary of all the formulas in the book. Didn't use it for the final review though. But I guess it helps. 

The last two days I have solved the Becker class questions and the sample questions released by the AICPA in the Wiley book. I won't say I feel super confident for the exam tomorrow but yes I am comfortable with all the material. 

Hope to do well! I have heard from people that BEC is the easiest of the four. So I hope to clear it one shot for sure.


Wish me luck!
PS : People who say that best study happens when the exams are just around the corner are correct :)


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Comment by Richa Srivastava on August 27, 2012 at 9:16pm

Thanks !

Comment by CPA Exam Club on August 23, 2012 at 11:57pm

Wishing you luck and I look forward to many great blog posts!

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