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My CPA Exam Journey

It all began in 2008. I was right out of college, and had accepted my first full time job as a tax accountant. I purchased Becker CPA right out of school. Before I knew it, it had set on my shelf for a year, and had expired. I had wasted one year due to procrastination. Within this time period I had studied very little. My Becker program had expired after one year. I had spent $3100, and it was all gone. I ended up buying Bisk, which I got the entire program around $700; unfortunately, procrastination got the very best of me again. The year 2008 turned into 2009, 2009 turned into 2010. The years were going by fast, and I was not getting anywhere. Then one day, I decided I was just going to do it. I called and ordered Becker again. This time I only ordered Financial. I took 2 ½ weeks off work and studied the Financial from 7 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. I took my Financial CPA exam one day before Thanksgiving. I had not finished the exam, before the time limit ran out. I had walked out feeling drained and depressed because I knew I had failed. Then, I received my score about a month later to find that I had passed. I called and ordered Regulations. I studied it about 3 good weeks, which I did end up taking a few days off work. I took the exam, and felt confident. I received my score and had passed. This exam was done mid February. I then took a break from studying until after tax season was over. After tax season, I ordered Audit. I took off work for 2 weeks, and then took the exam in May and I failed by 1 point. I then took off another 2 weeks and studied, and passed. Then, I ordered Becker’s BEC. I had passed 3 Sections of the exam, and BEC was the final section. I had plenty of time left. Months passed and I had not studied. Time was catching up with me. I got my books and lectures out and studied and studied. I took the exam and failed. I was very discouraged. This was by far the hardest exam for me. I ended up taking off work for a couple weeks and retaking BEC. I thought I had done much better, but when I received my score, I had failed. My 18 month window for Financial fell off, then Regulations shortly after, and then finally Audit. I had gone from having all but one exam to complete, to having to redo each of them. Procrastination had gotten the best of me. However, I am not going to quit. I plan on finding another study program right after April 15th, and knocking those exams out one by one until I am done.

With all this being said, I would love to have a chance at winning the Yaeger CPA program.

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Comment by CPA Exam Club on March 21, 2013 at 7:18pm

Aaaahhhh!!!!  What a rough story.  Keep at it Adam, don't let procrastination get the best of obviously have it in you to pass and you will!!  Please stick it out here with us, everyone supports each other...ask others here to keep you accountable.  You might want to use the STUDY GOAL ROLL CALL Group, the section groups or your blog here to jot down your goals - getting your goals down in writing for all to see is a good way to stay on track.  You can do it!!

Comment by Rob @ Pederson CPA Review on March 21, 2013 at 8:16am
Wow, that's a tough story Adam, but it says a lot about your character that you are sticking with it and are determined to pass.

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