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Multitasking: Using My CPA Exam Studies to Get the Next Interview

This week, I was tremendously busy. I didn’t get anything accomplished with Gleim online and only got through Study Units 6 and 7. However, I have some exciting news for this week’s blog. As I type this, I am at the airport waiting for a flight to New York for my third interview with a firm. This is in part due to Dr. Gleim and this wonderful CPA Review System.


During my second interview, we discussed the CPA exam, and I told them about the topics that I had recently been reviewing. I talked about currency exchanges and using hedging to get around the risk of currency devaluations (as if I’m some Wall Street currency hedging tycoon), and they were quite impressed. In fact, pretty much everything I told them about currency hedging came right out of Study Unit 4 of the BEC study materials. Now I’m on my way to a third interview.


First, we talked about hedging strategies–particularly futures contracts/currency commodities and call options. The interviewer and I also talked about the currency commodities markets, and she mentioned that many of the firm’s clients engage in currency commodities and they have a line dedicated to assisting their clients in purchasing those currency commodities. We also talked about lock-in rate contracts. Although they do not assist their clients with those types of contracts, they do facilitate those negotiations as part of their advisory and business services. She also said that they do not do the rate contracts with the banks. All in all, I feel like I did a good job of incorporating what I learned about currency hedging into my interview.


It’s one thing to use these materials to prepare for the CPA exam; it’s another when they are of such quality that they help you advance to the next round of interviews with a well-known multinational accounting firm. Of course my natural charm also helped. For those of you who have a job, congratulations! Don’t forget to make time to study. For those like me, who are looking for a perfect fit, don’t forget to budget study time and job seeking time. Best of luck to you on all your endeavors!



Gleim CPA Review is proud to welcome Jonathan M. to the Team Gleim family.  While Jonathan enjoys being a chronic test taker, he does want to ensure that he only takes each section of the CPA exam once, which is why he chose to pass with Gleim.  Good luck CPA candidates!

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Comment by Niusha H on January 21, 2014 at 12:48am

What a great post to read about how two goals can complement each other.  Nice job on your interviews and CPA study plan, Monica!  Thank you for sharing, too.

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