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Most Important thing to pass the CPA exam

I have had several people ask me what I think the most thing was to passing the CPA Exam.

The utmost important thing you can do is practice the Multiple Choice Questions (MC) and the Task Based Simulations (TBS).  

I used Roger CPA review and he stressed doing the MC and TBS at least 2 to 3 times.  I agree and cannot stress that enough.

When practicing the questions, make sure to read all the answers, even the incorrect ones.  When you KNOW the reason each is wrong as well as why the correct one is right, then you are prepared for the exam.

I passed the exam when I used the Wiley homework book after watching Roger's lecture, then completed all the homework twice, marking the questions I got incorrect, and working them until I could get it right. I had a small issue with remembering the answer, but now knowing why it was right.  I overcame that by using the software program to complete the MC/TBS.  

I also made sure I had at least two days before the exam to spend doing questions using the software in the mode where you see the answer after every question.  Look at all the answers just like the homework book.  I scheduled the exam in the afternoon/evening so I could work MC/TBS before the exam.

I set my study sessions up so I was doing 10 to 15 questions more than the exam would have.  That way when I took the exam, I felt like it went quickly.  

Just do as many questions as you can, 


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