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CPA Exam Mistake #5: Focusing On Your Strengths Instead Of Your Weaknesses

We all like to spend time at things we are good at.  We all like the positive reinforcement that comes with doing something well.  When studying on our own, the tendency is to get that positive reinforcement by working more on the areas we know well to get those impressive 90% scores and big green bars on certain topics. 


We have to think less and it builds confidence to see those correct answers pop up on the screen and high practice test scores.  While it is important to build confidence going into the exam, this is a false confidence.   


By working on all of the major areas covered in each section, you can build a realistic appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses.  If you have selected solid study materials, you can see the raw stats when you answer multiple choice questions so you know which topics you have nailed and which you need to spend more time on.


This helps focus your studying so you are efficiently building up your overall score by concentrating on the major areas of the test where you need the most help. 


At the beginning of your study period, you may want to take a practice exam or two in order to get a realistic appraisal of which areas you need the most help in.  This will also help you build a more efficient personalized study plan.  



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