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This week was a total study #FAIL for me!
I knew I had plans this week, but did not place them into my study plan calendar.

I'd won tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll and knew that on Easter Sunday and that Monday would not be the ideal days to study. So in my mind I thought "Oh, I can just make up for it, Tuesday-Saturday.. That did not happen. Here it is Thursday and all I've done are 5 MCQs.
So how do I pick up and go from here?
Should I plan out every single detail of my life around my CPA schedule? Is that even possible?
I feel like such a slacker now and the guilt of procrastinating is eating away at me.
What to do...What to do...

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Comment by Dee on April 28, 2011 at 9:03pm

Answer to your question YES. It's hard to believe what I am saying but if you want to really pass the CPA exam, you really need to plan everything around your exam schedule. Plan out exactly what you want to accomplish day by day. Thats how I passed.

Comment by CPA Exam Club on April 28, 2011 at 1:37pm

I get that picture...good one!  Get back on track now...hope the Easter Egg Roll was great, not something you could do everyday.  Pick up a little motivation at the forum!  ;-)

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