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Getting a failing score on BEC was the day that I (almost) gave up. 

After taking ( and failing) my latest exam, I took a break to consider if I still wanted to continue this process. I technically don't need the designation, I want a career in Internal Audit, so a Certified Internal Auditor designation would suffice. 

I have not added up the amounts, but I'm pretty sure I have spent well over $1500 on exam fees and study materials. I have also missed out on countless hours of family time and hobbies that I love. 

I wanted to quit, and I almost did. 

Determined to give it the old college try ( and with the encouragement of my husband and friends) I picked up my AUD materials  (I recently failed that test too) and started to re-study.  

I was doing really well on time studying for AUD, reading and answering MCQ, at a really fast rate. I had been through this material before so I acquitted the  speed on recognition.  But what I slowly started to realize was that  although I recognized the material, I didn't really know the material.  I could not answer a question using flash cards if it wasn't multiple choice. If I read a term, I could not recall what it meant or was associated with unless I was given a few choices. 

I had been over this material countless times, what was my problem? Why could I not retain this information. 

I took another break, and looked at how I was studying.  It went like this, read the material, answer the questions. Move on to the next topic. 

No lectures

Limited notes

Hardly any review

I slowly came to the realization that I have  wasted countless hours getting familiar with the material, but never really taking the time to actually LEARN.

I had  been so wrapped up in the quick, efficient and easy ways to study that I had read about,  that it never dawned on me that it was not  the right way for me to learn. 

I need to learn, not simply review. 

At this point, I am almost 1/2 way through my AUD materials. I have decided to stop, start over and actually learn instead of coasting though the materials. 

I haven't studied hard enough, I have not given it 100% and I know I need to stop trying to take the easy route.

I need to learn the hard way. 

Anyone else ever get the feeling that they were just going through study material instead of actually learning the material?

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Comment by Monica, CMO Gleim on August 30, 2013 at 10:43am

Hi Gina,

I personally experienced this when I studied for REG.  I started over from scratch in the middle of my REG studies because I realized I was just coasting, and not really taking the material in.  I think some of this had to do with timing for me, and just being burned out from all the other studying.  Keep going, chuck up the inefficient study time to a learning experience, and start over.  Going forward, question your study effectiveness after every study session.  If it's not good, you can recognize that early, and fix the issue quickly.  Good luck!

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