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Hey guys.  After these last few weeks of studying and practice, only a week left until my first big CPA exam.  I'm using my time wisely to go over some of my weak areas (cycles and evidence).  Surprisingly, I felt pretty comfortable with reports, a section that I thought I would have struggled with.  I think it's mainly due to memorization being one of my strong suits.. with cycles and evidence, it's a lot more about applying and looking at the bigger picture.  Hopefully this last week I can iron out my weaknesses and do well on this exam.  I might watch the Roger lectures again for the auditing section that I have from him to help clarify some concepts.  I can't stress enough how much his mnemonics have helped me out for auditing so far.  It's helped me answer a good portion of the questions.  I have a flashcard set dedicated to just mnemonics, so i'm trying to drill them inside my brain haha.  Anyways, off to study and hopefully this goes well!   BEC is waiting for me after this!  

- Bryan

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Comment by Jean C. Garcia Rosa on April 22, 2013 at 12:28pm

Take your time doing the simulation. In my experience the research tools help is very very important to use, dont quit in the middle of the exam, finish the exam, no matter what.

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