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It's exciting to read all of your posts...I hope you all continue blogging about your CPA Exam journey after the contest ends.  It's a great way to hold yourself accountable, keep track of your progress and it will prove to be an asset to your passing the CPA Exam in 2012!


Here are the entries to date...and don't forget one CRAM may go to someone who leaves some great blog comments!

42  Why So Serious? - Manny
41  The Accrual Road to Becoming a CPA - Linda Lee
40  I Want to Do It, I Can Do It, I Will Do It - Chrystie G
39  Inspiration From Tragedy - ToryItsAllGoodItsAllGod
38  When Your Employer Doesn't Fully Support You - Manny
37  CPA All Work and No Fun - Not! - ToryItsAllGoodItsAllGod
36  CPA's Cents of Humor - ToryItsAllGoodItsAllGod
35  How to Achieve a High Scores on Exams - Dave
34  Balancing Act - ToryItsAllGoodItsAllGod
33  Feeling Lost in the CPA Exam - Misty Perry
32  Yaeger is Awesome Thus FAR - Taneka Simmons
31  A Revalation From a True Procrastinator - Travis Miles
30  Day 1 of the Rest of My Life - Travis Miles
29  What Do Accountants Suffer From That Ordinary People Don't--- Depreciation - Chrystie G 
28  Prepared to Trample All Over 2012 - Linda Lee
27  Work Hard, Study Hard - Neil Patel
26  Here We Go Again - Oksana R
25  Low G.P.A. to C.P.A. - Travis Miles
24  My CPA Journey Starts in 2012 - Alexandra Welsh
23  150 Credits for Sitting for Exam - Ching Ho
22  Want to Change CPA Exam Requirements But No Magic Wand - Manny
21  Back in the BEC Saddle - Super CPA
20  Now is the Time to Study and Listen to the Experts - J Dewane  
19 Planning the Exam - How Long Should I Study? - Dave
18 From Molecules to Debits and Credits - Linda Lee
17 Eat the Elephant in Pieces - Kevin Chua
16 Here's to a Prosperous and Fortunate New Year! - Dave
15 It's Time to Start - Jennifer Putnam-Wolf
14 It's Never Too Late - Kevin Chua
13 rookie is here - sn0072012
12 Follow My CPA Exam Journey! - Dave
11 Missing Info from Ethics Survey - Manny
10 CPA For the People, by the People - ToryItsAllGoodItsAllGod
9 Unraveling Bad Debt Confusion - Manny
8 The Great Thing About Working in Accounting is Everybody Counts - Chrystie G
7 Tips for Mission Impossible - Part II - Manny
6 Tips for Mission Impossible - Part I - Manny
5 You Got Your License, Now What? - Manny
4 Accountants Have the Best Figures and Do It Without Losing Their Ba... - Chrystie G
3 How Can I Pass AUD? - Helen
2 CPA License Must be Difficult to Attain - Manny
1 Can I Really (past three sections by May 2012)??- MissGina


(to qualify get your entry/entries in before 11pm PST Wed 1/4/2012)

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