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Did you ever have one of those days where you just felt like giving up, when it all seems just too overwhelming and you start wondering if it will end up being a big, fat waste of time in the end?  Well today is one of those days for me and maybe I shouldn't be writing a blog post on such a topic but I can't imagine I'm the only one who goes through these moments. 

I shared my feelings with my best friend, thank God for best friends otherwise we'd implode!  Anyway, she allowed me to sing my "poor me" song while the ever so sad violins played in the background of my mind.  She listened as I cried about all that has gone wrong, will go wrong, and will never go right.  When I was done she looked at me and very logically discussed all the things that I spoke to her about and what made the most sense to take off my plate to relieve some of the stress; "I think you need to take a break, just put the studying aside for a few months.... go away for the weekend and relax!"  Bless her heart.  Knowing full well that would never happen, I agreed, wiped my tears and thanked her for listening. 

Taking a break is not an option, not for me.  I'm either committed (hmmmm.....may be I should be :-) ) or not.  Everyone's got baggage of some type, that's life - you have your cry, eat your ice cream and move on.  And unless the goal is completely out of range of capability then there is no giving up, there is no "taking a break".  I'm still tired, and I'm still frustrated and maybe I will go to bed a little earlier tonight instead of studying, but giving up, taking a break?, that's just not an option.  I am so glad that I found this community, where else could I possibly share this with so many who understand so well.



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Comment by Niusha H on May 4, 2013 at 11:34pm

It is times like these that I browse my photo album of inspiration and motivation that resonates with me.  Feel free to browse them when these moods come so that you can snap out of them faster and move on.

Oh yeah, journaling helps, too, when best friend's aren't answering their phones.  Can't believe they're allowed to do that sometimes!  Sheesh!  ;P

Comment by Alicia B. on May 2, 2013 at 7:05pm

Thanks for sharing, Charlene!  I had moments of tears as well, and I felt overwhelmed.  My advice would be to take the first exam even if it seems overwhelming.  It's amazing what we can recall on test day, and they can't test on every single topic of the exam.  For myself, I started my journey in December.  I have passed two exams, and possibly my third (I'll find out tomorrow).  I decided to take a break now, since there was such a small window of studying for the last exam.  Plus, I feel like I've earned some space away from the test, and I wanted to reinvigorate myself to finish strong.  Listen to your body, but I would keep at this first test to get some momentum. The next two tests might fly by once you have the first test done.

Comment by CPA Exam Club on April 23, 2013 at 10:44am

Yes, sometimes you just can't catch a break!  I always think of that little Dory fish from Finding Nemo...she says "just keep swimming, just keep swimming".  I agree, take a break - sometimes you just have to call it a day - by all means that doesn't mean you are calling it quits.  Sometimes you just need to calm your mind to help you stay focused, keep your eye on the prize and come back stronger than ever!  Keep at it and study on Charlene!!! 

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