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Just Do It | Catrina's CPA Exam Journey

This past week while studying for BEC, I found myself saying a recognizable phrase over in my head – “Just Do It.” While I knew that Nike was responsible for this phrase I became intrigued as to why they coined the phrase and how I started saying it. I did a little research and the phrase is actually around 24 years old this month. I read a statement regarding the slogan by Nike U.S. advertising director Chris Zimmerman and he said: “It captures the whole sense of people realizing their self-potential and just being able through athletics to strive for goals and achieve a lot of things that people might think were unachievable.” Nike is known worldwide, the phrase is known worldwide. Though it is mostly known in athletics, I also read that when their phrase first came out there were people who wrote letters to them and said that the phrase had inspired them to achieve heroic rescues or even gave them courage to leave abusive relationships. I think, for me, even though I have played sports my whole life, this phrase will help me the most while studying for the CPA exam.

Now, relating back to my studies this past week and why I even started saying “Just Do It” to begin with. Every time I found myself wanting to get up from my kitchen table, which has now been turned into my make shift CPA review study table, I reminded myself what my long term goals were. I think this came about even more so this week because I am still awaiting my AUD score, trying to stay positive about BEC and really wanting to enjoy that last bit of summer! So, when I didn’t want to watch that next video of the next module because I had been sitting there for four hours already I told myself – “Just Do It.” When I didn’t feel like reviewing my notes again because I had just studied them the prior day I told myself – “Just Do It.” When I didn’t feel like practicing and studying how to write a written communications task I told myself – “Just Do It.” When I had already gone over 100 multiple choice questions and wanted to cry because I was tired of reviewing all the material I told myself – “Just Do It.”

Every person has the potential to achieve all of their goals. The unachievable is only unachieved because nobody has tried to achieve it. Sometimes, especially when studying for the CPA exam, you just have to do what you set out to do. Every week you go to study, remind yourself why you are there, remind yourself of your goals and what you hope to achieve for your future. For all of us, we are all aiming for that one prize: to obtain our CPA. But the reality of it all is we will never get there if we don’t put the work and effort behind it. Sometimes you just have to push through no matter the cost, no matter how hard and tell yourself: “Just Do It.”


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