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I PASSED REG... 2 down 2 to go | Tana's CPA Exam Journey

I PASSED REG...  I was SURE I had failed, I had no confidence WHAT SO EVER that I had passed that exam.  I Didn't want to check the scores and was going to wait until after I took BEC on Thursday, but I broke down and checked it today.  It took a minute for me to realize that it was actually a passing score.

ROGER IS GREAT (  I owe this passing grade to his review system, his study tips and his energetic teaching style.  Thank you Roger....

If you read my post on exam day you would see that I don't remember much of the exam.  I finished the entire exam with more than 45 min left on the clock,  including a 10 min break.  During the exam it seemed as if time was standing still.  I would look at the countdown clock and answer a few questions then look again and not enough time had passed.  I was on autopilot and because I had studied so much, and worked SO MANY multiple choice and TBS questions, I didn't really have to THINK about the questions, I just went with it.  

Sorry if this is a little scattered, but I am so excited about passing.  Will post more on my BEC journey this week.  After that test.  I may take a week break (and see what my score is) then start on my FINAL section of the CPA....  

Now to concentrate on BEC.

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