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After a month and a half of studying, or 45 hours of Yeager videos and an additional 10 hours or more of reading plus problems – I was let go from my job. Well let go is a nice way of saying I was fired after 3 years of work. Now you’re probably thinking getting fired means I probably did something bad like steal from the company or I wasn’t very good at my job, or maybe I was studying during working hours. Well none of those applied to me. I was actually fired because I was miserable, I hated my boss and my boss hated me. She was with the company only 2 months and those were probably the worst month and a half I’ve ever had. It was so bad I’d flip off her office even when she wasn’t in it. August 17th was also the day I was supposed to finish module 20 and by that weekend be done with all of the normal Yeager videos. Then would start what I called Phase II which was the CRAM videos and doing problems for about 2 weeks.

I started to panic, I would have how many free hours now? Could I really wait another month and a half to take the FAR exam despite having nothing to do besides look for another job. So I took the most logical thing, I moved my CPA exam up to August 31st. Two weeks exactly from the date I was canned.

Being a week out now I’m starting to wonder – am I prepared for this exam? What’s of more value the CRAM disk or just doing problems. I did all the CRAMS for 9-16 b/c it had been a month and a half since I last did Module 9, but they don’t do any examples. So how helpful was it? My friends also warned they did bad on their CPA tests during times of big change, like breaking up with a boyfriend. I think breaking up with your employer and having so many what ifs seems a little more traumatic.

But I’m not traumatized. I’m glad to be out of a hostile work environment and I’m glad I get to take 3 CPA test this year (FAR, AUD and BEC) and then REG in Jan and then hopefully be done and getting to move on to what I really want to do: forensic accounting.

Studying for 8-10 hours each day is a lot and I have to wonder if I’m doing good or bad, and is spending 20 hours on Gov’t alone really worth it (true story, everything else made sense until this chapter)? Then you start to question was Yeager good enough, should I have taken Roger, my friend lent me her Becker book on FAR that’s older and I loved how it read compared to Wiley and now I’m stuck? I’ve gone too far and paid too much to change to better books or a more lively instructor. Don’t get me wrong I like Yeager, very thorough and compared to Becker book there’s a lot more they’re teaching,  but reading Wiley text is like reading a dictionary. So when you don’t understand the videos and the text is kind of dull it’s hard to think how you’re going to pass that section. 12% of the test means I need everything else accurate, can I really afford to not understand? As I write this I had just finished the Yeager CRAM for Module 21 and I’m about to embark on doing all 122 Wiley questions on Gov’t accounting. Why all and not just Phill recommend? B/c I don’t want to retake this test b/c GASB is weird.

In the face of life not going your way you have to keep pushing, you got to buckle down and spend your time wisely. Being done with my CPA will lead me to better opportunities and my old employer can take my income but they cannot take my will to be a better version of me. Plus they paid $500 two months ago in support of my CPA exam, so jokes on them.


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Comment by Colleen Z on September 29, 2011 at 2:49pm
I was just about to give up on this whole process, and then I read your post.  Somehow reading how you hash things out has reminded me of how deep into this I really am and how I just can't give up now.  I used to try to study everything, over and over, using different study plans, books, and materials.  I used to be really into the process and did my best to juggle work, the kids, and my study time.  Not to freak you out, but I have been at this nearly two years now.  YES - two years.  I have studied, felt like I was understanding it all, doing fine, then I would take an exam and find out that there is probably so much that I do not understand.  So I went back for round two.  I have taken the FAR, BEC, and REG exams twice now and I have not passed.  The odd thing is that I passed AUD first, right away, first one.  Was it a fluke?  How did I do that and not do the same on the others?  That still drives me crazy if I think about it too long. I just had the 3 exams left to do, but guess what?  I didn't pass the other three after two attempts, so now I will lose credit for AUD in November.  Try explaining that to my husband and kids.  There is just no way I could pass all three by mid-November.  So I wanted to give up for now, you know - give it a rest and spend time with my family again.  Maybe start up again after the New Year.  Then I read your post and thought maybe I need to keep plugging away at this and try all I can to do this, I don't think I should ever give up.  I think everyone struggles with the pressure of life getting in the way and with trying to fit in enough study time to get through the exams....we are all in the same boat to some degree.  It just takes time - lots of study time, and eventually it will work out.  Stay positive!
Comment by CPA Exam Club on August 25, 2011 at 11:49am

Great post, I like your attitute...keep it up!!!

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