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Hi & Decided to Go After FAR First...The Beast | Elliot's CPA Exam Journey

Good evening all, my name is Elliot Jakubowitz and I'm from Miami Florida. After 10 years as an equity trader for several firms i decided to go back to school and earn my accounting degree. After finishing a 4 year in course in less than 2 years i am in the midst of looking for a job and have just began (3 weeks ago) studying for the CPA exam. I have purchased just the 2013 FAR section of Yaeger's CPA review for a little under $600. Now i know its foolish of me to buy each section individually but with all honesty it was easier financially for me to throw down the $600 then to pay the $1800+ now due to the financial burden that exists for me and my family.

Upon the recommendations of Mr Yaeger and his staff I have decided to go after the FAR section first. ITS A BEAST!!!!!!!!!!  There really is a tremendous amount of information that needs to be known. My problem im having is trying to remember each formula for each situation. For instance with fixed assets impairments and accounting for nonmonetary assets exchanges, while listening to them it all makes sense, the second i see a question im lost. Hopefully through repetitive practice things will begin to click. The IFRS section is also no joke. Makes me wish i took this test 10 years ago.

While i can see how its very easy for one to get distracted and procrastinate while studying I have my own way of being able to keep my ass in my seat. As a father of two girls and 34 years old,and unfortunately in a financial bind since lost a bundle in the market crash, I have no choice but to pass. Whether i go to the library or in my own home office I keep a picture of my girls next to me and any time i have the feeling of getting lazy or deciding to hang it up early for the day, i just look at the picture and my motivation returns.

As i said earlier, i am taking the FAR section first, since it is the longest with the most material, and if heaven forbid i fail the 18 months dont kick in. (since it starts ony after the passing of the first exam). I will then go after the Aud section and then decide how i will finish the last 2 courses.

The reason I am going for my CPA is because while there are thousands out there who have acquired a accounting degree, the only way to differentiate myself from them and become more marketable is to have the CPA designation next to my name. Also down the road the CPA title can open many "doors" for me that i never knew even existed.

To all those that are in a similar boat as I am, my advice is hang in there and that as each day passes WE are all one day closer to being a CPA

P.S. It would really help immensely to get the course for free.




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Comment by CPA Exam Club on March 22, 2013 at 11:10pm
Like your motivational tactic! Keep your eye on the prize! How's the studying going since you wrote last?

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