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I felt compelled to title this post with a shout out to the Olympics! It's been nearly a year since I began my CPA journey. Having taken and passed 3 exams in 2013 I would have expected a little more enthusiasm and motivation on my part in studying for what I hope to be, my last exam. Unfortunately I saved the worst for last. A topic I absolutely despise, TAX.

The feelings this small word drums up within me have been made clear to all that know me. My old boss had a small side business from Jan thru April completing tax returns for a select clientele. Every time she would say 'tax' I would yell, half kidding, "don't want to hear it..... not listening'. She eventually got the point. Even if I expected a refund in my own tax return, that @@##!!! did not get complete until April 14th at 11:59!

So far I've spent all of my study time focusing on all the other topics, and probably know way more about securities and contract law than I need to. So now I've reached a point, I've done just about all I can to procrastinate, something which isn't typical of me, and now must face the inevitable: I must start tax.  UGH!!!!   To help me start I thought I'd  incorporate my own tax return as a starting point, nope, didn't work. Found myself reviewing Agency questions.

How do I get over this hatred, phobia, whatever you want to label it? To that end I have tried to find motivation in the fact that it is an Olympic year and there are so many who have overcome so much more than my little word phobia to find themselves conquering their fear and winning. This is my Olympic Gold, as corny and over the top as it sounds, to become a CPA in an Olympic year means something to me. So with that thought in mind I will force myself to turn the page and face the topic I so despise! Wish me luck :-)

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