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Five Really Simple Facts About the CPA Exam

"The CPA exam is full of myth and legend due in large part to the fact that you’re not supposed to discuss what’s actually on it. Of course everyone does and rumors fly around firms (“I heard IFRS is being tested in simulations…” “Tim in tax was thrown out of Prometric for wearing a hoodie to the exam…”) until they’ve been transformed into CPA exam nightmare tales based entirely in fiction. Knock it off, kids, let’s stick with the facts...

"The Five Really Simple Facts:
1. Of the two communications, only one is graded.
2. The research portion is only worth 1 point so if you don’t have time, blow it off.
3. The CPA exam is NOT graded on a curve, your score is not a percentage and is on a “plus point” basis.
4. There are no “easy” multiple choice.
5. 14 - 16% of the exam isn’t even graded.

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